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MCI Onehealth is a High-Performance Healthcare Network MCI Onehealth is leveraging its growing network to increase access, improve outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare for all. MCI The Doctors office Logo Polyclinic Logo Khure Health Logo Click the button below to watch the Corporate Presentation Walk-Through Video or download the Presentation WATCH THE VIDEO DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

Harnessing the power of data to redefine primary care. We are transforming how data is used to discover actionable insights and prevent disease before it begins. LEARN MORE

Empowering patients and doctors with advanced technologies. We are improving the quality of care by implementing the latest digital health and data-driven technologies. LEARN MORE

Making primary care preventative instead of reactive. We are reimagining the future of individualized care and pioneering personalized, precision medicine technologies. LEARN MORE


Data-driven, Preventative care.

About us

It’s time to make the leap from reactive to personalized, preventative healthcare.
MCI Onehealth is making this leap a reality.

MCI Onehealth is a healthcare technology company focused on improving primary care. We operate one of Canada’s leading primary care networks and we are pioneering how actionable insights from data can be paired with targeted therapeutics to start treating disease, before it’s too late. Our technologies are backed by science and powered by AI.

Data icon We deliver technology enabled primary care.

At MCI Onehealth, we operate one of the leading technology enabled primary care networks in Canada. We continue to develop and implement an ecosystem of digital applications that are focused on modernizing and personalizing the primary care experience for our patients.

Beyond our virtual care applications, we are creating remote biometric tracking and access to a host of digitally enabled concierge medical services.

Data icon We will harness medical data.

Our goal is to transform unstructured medical data into data that is useful for training of machine learning & AI systems. We are currently in the process of organizing and processing primary care data inclusive of clinical notes, genetic information, laboratory results, and imaging reports in order to allow for insight discovery.

We leverage off of the latest technologies to structure, process, migrate, transfer and optimize data for federated and iterative machine learning.

AI icon We are building data-driven AI technologies.

We are developing machine learning models and AI technology for primary care improvements. We apply AI technologies that will increase the rate of detection for chronic disease and improve overall clinical standards. We develop AI technology to deliver actionable insights with the ultimate aim of disease prevention.

Our medical and data science technologists utilize the latest evidence-backed science to build the foundation for our machine learning and AI systems.

AI icon We pioneer personalized precision medicine.

Precision medicine technologies have catalyzed a transformational shift in the way primary care is being delivered. The development of these technologies will allow us to collect genetic and molecular insights that are critical to the implementation of individualized and preventative care.

Through the use of these technologies, we will be able to not only catch diseases earlier, but directly intervene in their progression.



Access, Quality
& Affordability.


Empowering patients and doctors with advanced technologies to increase access, improve quality, and reduce spending on healthcare.

  1. Increasing Access Innovation in healthcare is accelerating. Yet despite this, it can take years before novel life-saving discoveries make their way into community care practice. A cornerstone to our mission is to make access to new medical information, ideas and invention, faster. Let's get the latest discoveries in healthcare into the hands of those clinicians that work the front lines.
  2. Improving Quality It is no secret that medical doctors are overworked and under supported. This, in combination with the constraints of scarce resourcing, can negatively impact clinical outcomes and unfortunately, can cause patients harm. A major objective of MCI Onehealth is to harness the power of machine learning technologies to deliver clinical support tools to directly improve the quality of care delivery - and ultimately, save lives.
  3. Reducing Cost One of the greatest concerns in healthcare is the astronomically rising cost of care delivery. This is a very complex problem to solve and MCI Onehealth has joined the battle. One of the most important solutions to this issue is the deployment of artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies. Our technologies are purpose built to not just make clinicians more effective, but to also decrease costs in both the community and hospital healthcare networks.


Our High-Performance Healthcare network.

MCI Onehealth operates one of the largest primary care networks in Canada - with more than one million patient visits annually. We combine exceptional primary care physicians with advanced technology to better serve our patients and optimize their health.

Fast facts

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Comprehensive family medicine

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Tele-health at your fingertips


Concierge Healthcare System Navigation and Executive Health Services

Through membership-based Executive Medical Concierge Canada (EMC), MCI Onehealth provides health system navigation services and executive medical assessments. EMC’s Executive Navigation Program offers registered clients personal case management with direction to the best treatment options, together with after-hours telephone access to a health professional. EMC services are complementary to our healthcare system, providing navigation to make it easier for patients to coordinate access to the specialists and appointments they need, including diagnostic testing and paramedical care.

For registered clients, EMC’s Executive Assessment Program provides an efficient way to receive a confidential, comprehensive medical assessment and personalized care. EMC dedicated staff schedule a series of examinations and diagnostics through EMC’s onsite independent medical affiliates, review the reports and deliver a summary of tangible, actionable results, all in a single day. Head-to-toe evaluation provides a complete picture of the client’s current health situation and potential health concerns in order to reduce risk factors, with potential to detect and identify diseases before major problems develop.



Digital health
& Virtual care.


Improving the patient experience starts with virtual care and convenient digital health services.
At MCI Onehealth, we continue to design and build an intelligent ecosystem of digital health and virtual care applications to empower our patients - modernizing the primary care experience.

Our digital health offerings will include concierge services with 24/7 connected care, wearables with biometric monitoring and data analytics to further improve and individualize our patients care.



Data-driven, Patient tools.


Introducing the MCI Onehealth assistantTM, Backed by medical science, powered by artificial intelligence.
The MCI Onehealth assistantTM is a data driven chat application that informs, guides and helps patients find the exact kind of care that they need.

By harnessing machine learning technology, our assistant can readily pre-screen patients (ie. Covid-19) and safely triage and steward them towards the most appropriate care pathway.

The MCI Onehealth assistantTM is integrated with a larger ecosystem of technologies to seamlessly connect patients with the right virtual or in-person care providers.



Data-driven, Clinician tools.


Introducing brightOSTM, the MCI Onehealth data analytics and clinical decision support platform.
Built specifically to enhance the clinicians workflow, brightOSTM, is a comprehensive ecosystem of applications that brings the power of data to the doctors fingertips.

brightOSTM sifts through data and empowers clinicians with data-driven insights to support a deeper understanding of disease progression and treatment options. Deeper data insights leads to optimal patient care.



Precision Medicine.


We are harnessing clinical, molecular and genetic data to make personalized, preventative healthcare a reality.
By developing a better understanding of our patients' bio-marker trends and profiles, we are able to more deeply individualize care and tailor specific interventions to better suit our patients needs.

MCI Onehealth combines top-rated doctors with advanced precision medicine technology to deeply understand your health today and build plans for your future.

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Research & Development

Led by our expert team of accomplished researchers in medical artificial intelligence and data-driven predictive technology, our dedicated research initiatives are aimed to pioneer research in primary care and precision medicine technologies.

We have established relationships with leading academic and public health institutions to combine our expertise in order to further innovation and discovery in primary care.